General terms and conditions

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LK Consulting BV hereinafter referred to as “‘t Meesterhof”
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Updated on Oct. 18, 2022

Legal disclaimer

The information on the site is provided solely for the purpose of providing information about B&B Meesterhof. The B&B Meesterhof makes every effort to ensure that this information is correct at the time of recording, which does not prevent the possibility that this site may contain incomplete, inaccurate or no longer up-to-date information. B&B Meesterhof reserves the right to supplement, change, correct or remove the information provided at any time, without any notification and without this giving rise to any liability on the part of B&B Meesterhof.


Art 1: Rooms

Article 1.1. Cancellation of a booking by the guest

The guest can cancel one or more bookings by sending an email to In the e-mail, the guest must clearly state: explicit mention of the cancellation, name, reference of the booking, bank account number to which any refund can be made. The date of the email is the basis for determining which refund is applicable. Any refund will be made no later than 10 calendar days after the email has been received by B&B Meesterhof. The refund terms are:

If the cancellation occurs more than 6 weeks before the check-in date: 90% refundIf the cancellation occurs between 3 and 6 weeks before the check-in date: 50% refundIf the cancellation is made less than 3 weeks before the check-in date: no refundArticle 1.2. Moving a booking to another date by the guest

Confirmed bookings can be moved to another date by the guest. Moving a booking is seen as a combination of a cancellation of a booking and a new booking. The conditions under Article 1.1 apply to the cancellation, for the new date the guest must make a new booking.

Art1.3. Other provisions

It is not allowed to leave children under the age of 16 alone in a room.

For children under 2 years old, a cot can be rented on request for 15€. There is no charge when using own baby cots. From the age of 2, a bed is provided for a child/junior against payment.

When leaving the rooms, it is not allowed to leave large amounts of waste in the guest rooms, the room must be left tidy.

The maximum occupancy of B&B Meesterhof is 12 people, including children, baby cots are not included.

It is not allowed to move beds, chairs or other furniture yourself without permission (so also moving chairs from one room to another room to sit in one room with a group is not allowed).

It is not allowed to remove mattress covers, pillowcases or blanket covers.

Bicycles & bicycle parts are not allowed in the room.


Art 2: Payment

The guest pays when booking the overnight stay online, when booking the guest states the invoice details on which the invoice will be made. The invoice will be sent to the guest by email after the overnight stay.


Art 3: Checking in

Guests can check in from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM. A later check-in is possible until 9.30 pm, this must be requested in advance.


Art 4: Checking out

Check-out is possible until 10:30 am on the day of departure. (In a pandemic period at 10am)


Article 5: Internet

B&B Meesterhof offers a free WIFI guest network. The user of the WiFi network will refrain from visiting internet websites that are of an unlawful nature and/or that are not consistent with the reputation of B&B Meesterhof as a provider of accommodation. Upon detection or suspicion of nuisance from third parties and/or (other) internet abuse by the user, B&B Meesterhof has the right to block or block access to the internet without further notice.


Art 6: Respect for the neighbours

B&B Meesterhof is located next to a residential area. Guests are requested not to cause any disturbance. All music – and any other sound – produced in any way must be adjusted to room strength, so that no noise nuisance arises for other guests and local residents, and is prohibited from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM anyway.


Art 7: Key management/badge management

Upon arrival, the guest will receive one key card from the hostess for your stay. You must take care of locking the doors of your accommodation yourself. When checking out, please return the key to the hostess. If a key card is lost, € 25.00 will be charged.


Art 8: Parking

Only guests who stay with us can use the free parking on the day of the overnight stay. Parking is only allowed for the duration of the stay. Guests can also park bicycles free of charge in the designated bicycle rack/bicycle shed in the courtyard. B&B Meesterhof is not liable for theft and/or any form of damage to your car, bicycle or other means of transport. Parking on the grounds at B&B Meesterhof is at your own risk.


Art 9: Prohibitions

Pets are not allowed on the entire domain of B&B Meesterhof.

No persons may be received who are not staying at B&B Meesterhof. If a guest nevertheless wishes to receive someone, the guest must submit this to the hostess in advance.

B&B Meesterhof has a strict anti-drug policy. Selling, possessing and using drugs is strictly prohibited on the grounds and in the buildings. Improper selling, using or possessing nitrous oxide also falls under this. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the buildings and therefore not in the guest rooms. There are two smoking zones outside (one at the kids corner and one at the large terrace of the breakfast room). If one of the above matters has been violated, B&B Meesterhof will charge a fine of € 250 and the person(s) will immediately be asked to leave. In case of discussion, the police will be contacted.


Art 10 Damage & theft

B&B Meesterhof is in no way liable for any form of damage, loss or theft of personal property and/or personal injury that the guest has experienced during the stay at B&B Meesterhof.

If damage is caused to the accommodation or its furnishings during your stay, you must inform the hostess. In case of damage caused by the guest, it will be charged to the guest who caused this damage.

In the event that the guest causes non-removable stains in the mattress, duvet, bedspread and decorative pillows or towels during the overnight stay, B&B Meesterhof will charge the resulting cleaning costs and/or costs for replacing the materials to the guest.

If it appears that the guest has checked out and that items have been stolen, the guest will be informed immediately. The guest then has 24 hours after checking out to return the stolen goods. If this period of time has elapsed and the stolen goods have not been returned, an invoice for the stolen goods will be sent to the guest. In the latter case, the police will be notified to draw up an official report.


Art 11 Liability/insurance

The customer undertakes to take out insurance with a recognized Belgian insurance company to cover his liability as organizer during the period as provided for

The guest who has booked and has been informed of the terms and conditions must inform the fellow guests of these terms and conditions

The guest is prohibited from using the areas made available for meetings that relate to extreme ideologies and/or tendencies, and or that could have a direct or indirect negative impact on normal hotel activities or the rest of the other hotel guests. could disrupt.

The guest who has booked will, in any case, together with his fellow guests, jointly and severally and indivisibly, one in the absence of the other, be obliged to compensate B&B Meesterhof for any damage or nuisance caused by the guest. The guest will also be obliged to indemnify B&B Meesterhof against any claim (both in principal, interest and costs) which would be formulated against B&B Meesterhof by one of the other guests/clients, as a result of damage/nuisance they would experience as a result of the event. and/or the attitude/behavior or omissions of the guest or his/her fellow guests.

In any case, B&B Meesterhof can never be held liable in any way in the event of theft of or damage to goods/objects/etc. that are kept in the B&B by the guest or his/her fellow guests.

B&B Meesterhof cannot be held responsible for accidents when entering the playground, slide or trampoline.


Art 12: Dissolution / compensation

B&B Meesterhof has the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect by simple written notification to the guest who has booked, in case the above conditions were not respected by the guest and/or fellow guests.

In that case, the guest will owe B&B Meesterhof a fee equal to 100% of the amounts that would have been owed by the guest if the agreement had not been terminated.